Qui sommes nous?

We are Sophie and Henry, two French people with Chinese and Cambodian origins. After several years based in Asia (Sophie in Hong Kong and Henry in Singapore), we decided to move to Cambodia at the end of 2020.

Notre histoire

It all started when we moved in Cambodia, our parents' country, during the pandemic. We were on the road and discovered our lands and heritage, a country rich in culture, history and know-how.

Notre mission

Our wish is to make you discover the crafts and traditions in Asia.

Having both worked in the design furniture industry, we love discovering unique products and people's stories behind.⁠ These findings, we want to share them with you!

Fait main, Ethique, Eco-responsable

All our products are entirely handmade by local artisans. Handmade is about appreciating the materials, the personality, and above all the authenticity of the product.

Craftsmanship remains a strong activity in the villages and provinces of Asia. This allows people in rural communities, especially women, to have economic autonomy while encouraging their creativity and the transmission of their know-how.

We pay particular attention to the choice of our products and of our partners with responsible and sustainable practices.